About Pro-Adwise 

Pro-AdWise Communications is a medical communication and education organisation providing knowledge intensive services, which include a full spectrum of education, integrated medical communication and marketing services. Pro-AdWise focuses on delivering high-value content and services to physicians, pharmaceuticals and other consumers.

Pro-AdWise excels in transforming the scientific evidence into effective educational communications that ultimately help physicians provide better care for their patients. Clients can depend on Pro-AdWise to make their communications fair, accurate and compliant with regulations both online and offline.

The core objective of the organization is enabling and empowering medical communication to reach the desired population and thereby facilitating the society at large with the best of information and solutions. Pro-AdWise has a core team of functional and technical experts enabling them to deliver high value marketing services to clients.

Enabling : Connecting the best resources globally that can facilitate learning and training through various forms to reach the desired audience.

Empowering : Empowering through information sharing, expert interactions, capability enhancing programs and dynamic resource access.


To become the primary partner for knowledge support system, delivery of integrated medico marketing, scientific communication & continued medical education services involving online/offline medical education for physicians and patients by providing a neutral platform for exchange of information on procedures, products, techniques and technology for users.